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About us

Dogshopline operating whit THE HOT DOG LINE for about thirty years in the field of domestic animals producing and supplying quality equipment and accessories in perfect harmony with the expectations of all those who love and care for the animals.

Our company has always been intent on satisfying all the needs of four-legged friends, is focused on research and the creation of innovative, safe, advanced quality and design to ensure their care and well-being. For this reason, we devote considerable annual investment in research and the study of technology.

In the past we have mainly addressed to professional groomers. Today, thanks to the wide range of customized and specialized services, we are able to meet not only the needs of the most experienced professionals but also those individuals who want to make more pleasant the experience of sharing their home with an animal.

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The history of our brand began several decades ago, the idea of a breeder of Newfoundland focused on the problem to dry the hair in the best of his dogs.
This man, a great lover of this breed, began to take part in numerous trade fairs which also brought the United States and right here, looking for a solution to his problem, found some special hair dryer can dry the hair of animals .
Unfortunately, soon he realized that these machines, although innovative in their genre, had its limits. For example, to switch the double-motor of which were equipped not permit the drying and also adjusting their own energy consumption was too high.
He understood that it was necessary to adopt a different methodology consistent drying expelling most of the water from the hair without damaging it, without resorting to high temperatures and without generating a high level of consumption.