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A self service wash provides a washing and drying service for animals through the direct intervention of the owners or a delegate.
The actions to be taken to access the various services must be built for this purpose to be enjoyed with the utmost simplicity and guaranteed to the highest level of security.
THE HOT DOG LINE offers all the guidelines and products that are appropriate to this business.
Irrigation systems and automatic shelves guarantee maximum hygiene.
The rechargeable card system allows you to control access to the store.
For example:
  • Bathtub with retractable hatch and upright interior to wash small dogs.All self service washing tanks, as well as other items that make up the workstation, can be painted on demand with high strength powder coatings.


  • Tables and shelves after washing The shelves combined with the self-service cans can be arranged according to the available space or preferences of the Manager. It is then provided with the rubber coating. Available tables with electric or hydraulic rails.


  • Coin changers and coin changers.Self-service coin changers can be mechanical (with timer) coins or coins or electronic with coin operated operation, rechargeable keys or cards.


  • Pulse sounders The blower / heat pulse system produces hot air under pressure for fast drying of animals after self-service grooming. The pressure jet removes the excess liquid from the animal's body by preparing it for the next drying phase with Hot Air Phon.


  • Air phon Ends the procedure by ensuring the air is in the right heat.
THE HOT DOG LINE offers specific studies for self-service design and the use of products exclusively made in Italy.  For info here!