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Our brand story begins many years ago, when a breeder of Newfoundland had the problem of drying the hair of his dogs.

This man went to numerous fairs of the sector and in the United States he found special dryer can dry the hair of animals.
Unfortunately, he saw immediately that these innovative machines, had limitations. For example, the double switch engine they had, did not allow adjustment of drying and their energy consumption was too high.
It was necessary to adopt a different methodology consisting in drying out the majority of water from surface without ruining it, without high temperatures and without generating a
high level of consumption.

The farmer ordered to a friend mechanic to build a machine capable of blowing the air with an adequate and uniform flow with a power regulator to reduce the air flow with small dogs.

After searching in vain for collaboration, farmer asked a friend mechanic who built the first hot-air blower.
Finally his idea turned into a concrete product that could be distributed and shared with all who had his own needs. Then the farmer began to publicize its product, was invited to an important exhibition and here the new device had a surprising success.

It created a real company called "Hot Dog" in reference to the operation of the device and the shape of the tube like a cute "sausage".

The "HOT DOG" products simple and functional were marketed and distributed on a large scale with enormous popularity. Since then, the company continued its production by investing in improvement techniques.
Another success was achieved when you changed the device, reducing the inlet air so that the air generated by the engine output, managed to take a forced, warming up in sufficient quantity and necessary. In this way, it was less the use of resistance and eliminated the problem of high energy consumption.Another important innovation was marked by the flex pipe. With the inclusion of a spring in the knurled tube air tube, secured that at start-up of the device the tube stretched up to reach 3 m in length and instead, off, its amplitude is reduced in such a way as to not be of dimensions.

Over the years, the company has expanded its production with a series of articles and accessories for the grooming of animals and continued to improve its devices into advanced needs from time to time by users.

Despite the drafts and poor reproductions of its products that suffered especially in foreign markets, Hot dogs has remained an industry leader and only reliable manufacturer of equipment and accessories available today in all the best grooming rooms to facilitate the work of professionals.
Today, our company continues to see its products as constant work-in-progress and is actively engaged in innovative research and development, in order to maintain the primacy of high efficiency and reliability gained over the years with the commitment and the quality guaranteed by the true made in Italy.