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Dog shop line for your best machines and accessories for the gromming of your dogs.

With a wide range of specialized products and services, Dog shop line is able to meet the needs of the most experienced professionals without neglecting the needs of those who share their space with a four-legged friend.
Dog shop line with his Hot dog line trademark provides all the quality of made ​​in Italy.
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Tank HD 7000 inox

Tank HD 7000 inox


  • Dimensions:145 x65 xH 90cm
  • Weight:about 53kg
  • Tube diameter1 "1/2
  • Equipped with doublefilterfor easy removaland cleaning hinged door


Equipped with a heavy-duty, tank HD 7000 is completely made of stainless steel, in compliance with the regulations. Has a front door recliner that facilitates the ascent of the animal for washing and minimizes the effort of the groomer, in raising the animal. The bath is accompanied by a double filter for the separation of hairs, easily removable, safe and easy to clean. The tub hd 7000 steel also can be equipped with steel bulkheads.
To complete the furniture and make more efficient use, it is recommended to equip the tank with tail flap, able to contain splashing water and keep the environment clean and tidy, and cabinet mixer capable of mixing detergents directly with water, optimizing time and results.
It 'a good idea to regularly clean the pool filters and baskets, to facilitate the disposal of waste and avoid traffic jams. You should clean the tank with a soft cloth, using any cleaners for steel.
The use of a stainless steel tank complies with the regulations in force, facilitates the work of the groomer, provides easy to clean.
Useful Tips
1. During the wash, you must pay close attention to the surface of the tank which can be slippery. Hopefully it will be good to give it a mat.
2. Handle the hinged door and make sure the latch is securely locked before proceeding with washing.
3. Keep in the right position, the drain cover to prevent objects from falling / hair that can clog the drain.
4. For cats or small dogs, it is usually good to use a shelf rialzante, which allows the groomer to work while maintaining correct posture and comfort.