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Dog shop line for your best machines and accessories for the gromming of your dogs.

With a wide range of specialized products and services, Dog shop line is able to meet the needs of the most experienced professionals without neglecting the needs of those who share their space with a four-legged friend.
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Dog shop line with his Hot dog line trademark provides all the quality of made ​​in Italy.
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Table Hydraulic HD 6170

Hydraulic table HD 6170 sturdy and functional


  • Minimum height of 75 cm
  • Maximum height 95 cm
  • Working surface dimensions 120 x 60 cm
  • Non-slip floor
  • Foot pump for lifting the worktop
  • Capacity 100 Kg
  • Adjustable arm height

The hydraulic table sturdy and functional hd 6170 is ideal for groomers and veterinarians. With wooden top and edged non-slip rubber bumpers, the table idarulico hd 6170  has a solid metal frame and an adjustable arm to ensure that the animal groom.
The hydraulic table hd 6170 has a hydraulic lifting system based on hand levers. This simple design allows constant use over time and provides full functionality, excluding any prior block resulting from any technical faults in electronic parts.

The automated system of levers for lifting is practical, light and safe, eliminates the efforts and ensures stability.

Useful Tips
1. For a functional use of the table is well always precisely establish an adequate height of the floor, in such a way as to ensure a correct position and convenient to the groomer.

2. Equally important is to identify correctly the arm height appropriate and proportionate to the size of the dog.

3. Before starting work please make sure you lock the screw in the arm.