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Quality italian production


Dog shop line for your best machines and accessories for the gromming of your dogs.

With a wide range of specialized products and services, Dog shop line is able to meet the needs of the most experienced professionals without neglecting the needs of those who share their space with a four-legged friend.
Dog shop line with his Hot dog line trademark provides all the quality of made ​​in Italy.
grooming machine

Table Display HD 6099 B

Folding table HD 6099 B


  • Dimensions 100 cm X 60 cm X 60 cm H
  • Lockable chrome legs
  • Tires mounted on steel plates, two swivel and two fixed
  • Chrome adjustable rudder
  • Chrome legs lockable rubber wheels

Sturdy, functional and easy to handle, thanks to innovative engages / disengages the folding table hd 6099 B is ideal for the job of grooming everywhere. The top is made of pine wood Arauco, Chile, rubber non-slip and edged in aluminum.
Its solid structure is equipped with wheels (two swivel and two fixed) rubber mounted on steel plates, which facilitate the movement and make the table easy to transport. Equipped with rudder chrome adjustable according to requirements.

The folding table hd 6099 B responds to the need for the local grooming table standing and, if necessary, to have a transportable platform. Also, once closed, the table can serve as a handy trolley to carry the necessary dog included. The exclusive system engages / disengages make the process of closing / opening the table more immediate and convenient. The quality of the materials make it stable and secure.

Useful Tips
1. For a correct use of the table, during opening and closing, make sure you have properly locked his legs in hooks, in order not to incur accidental events.

2. In order to ensure the dog grooming at work, it is recommended to equip the table arm.